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Nature knows best.

GoBIG is a natural energy shot fueled by guarana, a plant used for centuries by Amazonian tribes. Guarana provides a smoother, longer lasting energy boost accompanied by enhanced focus and mood.

Better Energy

Extended release of energy increases stamina and physical performance without the jitters or crash.

Enhanced Focus

Increased mental clarity keeps you alert and on top of your productivity game.

Natural Ingredients

Finally, an energy drink without all the chemicals. Just guarana and fruit. No added sugar. Nothing artificial, ever.

The science behind this natural nootropic.

Research shows that the slow release of guarana caffeine into the bloodstream ensures sustained energy for hours. Compounds like theobromine in the guarana are key to enhanced mental clarity and improved mood. Plus, we use the best quality guarana sourced from the Brazilian rainforest.

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People Are Buzzing.

"Like a burst of energy but very calming at the same time. Very different from coffee, which has an unstable, jittery energy."

Steven P. (@Spals)

"It was good, gave me some energy to workout early in the morning after a restless night of sleep."

Rob G.

"Loved how this didn't upset my stomach like coffee. Didn't make me feel jittery and anxious at all."

Eric L. (@ericshun8d)